Recruiting Senior Managers For the Hospitality Industry Worldwide.

Why E.S.I.? Because the best people are not looking.


Stuart Mullins is Director and owner of Executive Search International Pty Ltd (ESI), established in 1994. With an office located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. ESI carries out senior hospitality recruitment all around the world: From China to Australia, Africa, India, the Pacific, SE Asia,Maldives and more.Stuart has more than 20 years Executive Recruitment expertise working with such companies as: The Peninsula Group, Shangri La ,Centara Hotels and Resorts,One and Only , Accor ,Rydges / QT Hotels, Outrigger Resorts, Choice Hotels ,The Fairmont group, IHG, to name a few

With more than 20 years of Executive Recruitment expertise, ESI sources middle and senior managers for hotel and resort companies.

From 1991 to 1994, Stuart was a senior recruiter for ExecutiveSearch International Tokyo (ESI Japan), EST in 1967.This is where he began his recruitment career, carrying out senior recruitment for international corporate companies such as Unilever, Swire Group, Cargill, Johnson and Johnson, Amway, Coca Cola, DeBeers, L’Oreal, Budweiser and more.

He thoroughly enjoyed this experience under the tutelage of 2 Americans Mark Kadilac and Scott Woodford and of course Shacho, Kusano San, a successful Japanese self-made multi millionaire businessman who is still running ESI Japan today in his early 80s.

Why does Kusano san keep working? Because he loves what he does, if you don’t you are in the wrong  job .He was a great mentor indeed.

Stuart began this journey many a year ago, completing his teaching qualifications at Nepean College of Advanced Education – now the University of Western Sydney.

Teaching for a year before heading off oversees to backpack around Europe. He worked nights as a pot washer at Kings College London and days as a Sales Executive/Courier with DHL worldwide couriers.


       The only job where you start at the top is digging a hole.

He was then recruited and moved to Scotland where he was employed as an Outward Bound Instructor on the North West Island of Raasay, working closely with unemployed teenage groups from Glasgow, Dundee and Stirling.



Nature is a great leveler and sorts us all out very quickly indeed. It created leaders from the most unexpected places. What truly inspired Stuart was experiencing first hand the positive change this experience had on what society termed “troubled teenagers”.Most just needed a purpose, a challenge, true comraderie, and a step outside their comfort zone, something we all need at some time.

           There is no education like adversity. Bear Grylls

Stuart followed up this experience when he moved to South Africa to take up a role as PE Teacher , Durban ,Natal  South Africa for 2 years .

He got his taste for hospitality by working school breaks at Beach Resorts in Natal as Recreation Manager  before moving  to  Club Méditerranée in the South Pacific. His final stint in hospitality lead him to the pre opening-opening of Hayman Island Resort, a LHW in North Queensland (now a One&Only Resort),as Recreation, Activities and Groups Manager for Staff, Guests and Corporate Groups.

Is Executive Search International the best?

Well with over 20 years experience recruiting senior managers for the hospitality industry world wide they must be doing something right.


Whatever job you are after or whatever you have your mind set on do not let the naysayers get in your way or cloud your mind. Do what you love and you will never go wrong.

There is only one place success comes before work and that is……

in the dictionary. Everywhere else in life you do not get success

without first working hard.

Gan Ba Te

Stuart is also a published Author, Writer and Researcher of the below best selling books.

Searching for the Beaumont Children 2006.

The Satin Man 2013.

Joe Bugner My Story 2013.

and the soon to be released (December 2015) the new updated version of The Satin Man-Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont Children.

Satin man

The new updated version of the Satin Man out November 2015 with new information where now one aspect of this unsolved case can never be denied. IF Glenelg police had known back in 1966 that :

A local man who had allegedly abused his own son – a wealthy, well-connected man who fits the description of the man seen with the children at the beach that day January 26th 1966, was known to give out £1 notes to children, had deviant sexual satin fetishes   – was living 250 metres from where the Beaumont children disappeared from Colley Reserve on Australia Day, and at his direction had a grave size hole dug at the back of his factory in urgency and secrecy with dimensions 5ft long 3ft wide 6ft deep 3 days after the children go missing.

Wouldn’t they have at least visited his home?

Searched the house?.Questioned him?

They know now. Read More

JOE BUGNER MY STORY ,Stuart Mullins writer: 


The man who went the distance twice with Muhammad Ali the man smokin Joe Frazier rated in the 3 best heavy weights he ever fought. Rated one of the greatest heavy weights of any era. Read More

Beaumont Children

Searching for the Beaumont Children 2006 ( Stuart Mullins Researcher ) Australian Best Seller

The Satin Man

The Satin Man Co Author  – in fourth reprint. Australian Best Seller